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Виктору Языкову до финиша остается около 50 миль

Виктору Языкову до финиша остается около 50 миль
На 14:00 московского времени Виктору Языкову до финиша остается около 50 миль. Финиш ожидается сегодня вечером.

Arthaud wins class 3, Nollet wins class 4

A steady 20-25 knot southwesterly breeze blew the first finishers in classes 3 and 4 across the line and into Newport RI, as well as two class 2, and two class 1 sailors.

Italian competitor Andrea Gancia aboard Nasrto Azzuro, finished at 16:40 local time on June 23 (20:40 UTC), to take second place in class 2. Right behind him at 19:40 local time, 23:40 UTC Alex Thomson brought in Sailthatdream.com, a 50 footer that had been sailed by Mike Garside in the last Around Alone, for a third place finish in class 2. They both beat Xavier Lecoeur on the 60 footer GEB, the tenth class 1 boat to finish. Lecoeur crossed the line at 20:13 local time, June 24 00:13 UTC. Jean-Marie Arthaud won class 3 on his 45 footer Biotonic, arriving in the dark at 01:37 local time, 05:37 UTC on June 25. He was followed just 12 hours later by Belgian Ronny Nollet, who won class 4 aboard the 40 footer La Promesse. Nollet finished on June 25 at 13:31 local time, 17:31 UTC. They both beat the next to last class 1 finisher, Didier Munduteguy aboard DDP 60eme SUD coming in on June 25 14:28 local time, 18:28 UTC.

Twenty-three official competitors around the globe are still crossing the Atlantic. One, Michel Jaheny on the 40 footer Chivas III, was at last report almost 2000 miles the finish line.

The next boat we are looking for is Viktor Yazykov aboard Wind of . Yazykov, who's emergency self-surgery captured the world's attention in the 1998-99 Around Alone has not reported any medical incidents in this race, but he is a Chernobyl survivor with a strict physical regimen that involves hundreds of push-ups every day and regular doses of red wine. At 13:30 UTC he was 304 miles the finish line.

Pasquale deGregorio's 50 footer, Wind, last reported June 24, 326 miles out, and may beat Yazykov to the finish. Patrick Favre is the only 60 footer still out there, 535 miles Newport.

Martin Van Breems is expected to be the first American to finish aboard his class 2 J/44 Monhegan. He last reported on June 24, and was 500 miles the finish line.

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